Why Hamilton Beach Commercial® Bar Blender?

Improving high-volume efficiency 
The types of blenders available for restaurant, cafe and bar use include these high-powered, high-performance models from Hamilton Beach Commercial.

Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-performance blenders are famous for creating a super-creamy drink profile. They’re so talented that many restaurants and bars prefer them over other types of blenders. That’s because with a high-performance blender by Hamilton Beach Commercial®, you get more than blending confidence. You achieve total drink-making mastery.

Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-performance blenders feature timers with automatic shutoff or one-touch blending to give drink operators the precision and control they need. To lower the noise to conversation level, the Quantum® High-Performance Blender has QuietBlend™ technology and an advanced shield enclosure. This lets you blend with amazing power without disturbing your customers' conversations.

Pleasing the front of the house
Discover which commercial blender models are the best fit to help your bartenders stay efficient and focused on customers, not complicated controls
Hamilton Beach Commercial® bar blenders are powerful, yet simple to operate. Equipped with ergonomic controls that are easy to reach and understand, they help bartenders focus on blending and serving customers quickly instead of wasting time with complicated controls. In addition to being easy to use, a bar blender’s durability is extremely important. Hamilton Beach Commercial® high-quality bar blenders are built to last, so businesses can keep doing what they do best: serve delicious drinks. With a wide selection of bar blender models to choose from, you’re sure to find one that offers your business the perfect blend of performance and value.

Blackberry Margarita


1½ oz.      Silver tequila
½ oz.        Triple sec
1½ oz.      Blackberry Syrup
½ oz.        Fresh lime juice
2 oz.         Sweet & sour mix
¼ c.          Blackberries
2 c.           Ice 

Blueberry Honey Smoothie

½ c.           Blueberries
¼ c.           Plain yogurt
½               Banana
½ oz.         Blueberry Purée
½ oz.         Honey Sweetener
1 c.            Ice

Frozen Flamingo

1 oz.          Watermelon Purée
1 oz.          Hibiscus Syrup
4 oz.          Rosé wine
1 oz.          Margarita Mix
Mint leaves and watermelon to garnish, if desired 

Frozen White Peach Sangria

3 oz.            White wine
1½ oz.         Peach Purée
1 oz.            Peach White Sangria Mix
16 oz.          Ice


Frozen Strawberry Basil Lemonade

5 oz.          lemonade
3 oz.          Strawberry Purée
3 mL.         Basil Concentrated Flavor
16 oz.        Ice
Basil sprig, fresh strawberry or lemon wheel to garnish, if desired 

Frozen Exotic Citrus Lemonade

2½ oz.      Exotic Citrus Syrup 
3 oz.         Mojito Mix
5 oz.         Lemonade
16 oz.       Ice
Lime slice or mint to garnish, if desired 

04 August 2021

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